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Sterile Mixing Vessel

Sterile Mixing Vessel

Sterile Mixing Vessel

Sterile Mixing Vessel is the most used magnetic mixing for liquid injectibles.

• It consists of impeller, bearing, weld plate, drive unit & Control box. Generally two impeller designs are available.

• Aseptic Design: It is ideal for critical applications. It has horizontal flow channels which uses the differential pressure created during rotation, ensures continuously purging of liquid through the bearing & from beneath the impeller. This feature optimises the cleaning & steam sterillization of the impeller assemble.

• Open Design: It is used for less critical applications as as cost effective alternative: both impeller types use the same bearing & weld plate assemble & are fully interchangeable.

• It is the natural choice for application where shear forces are not critical.

• It shows excellent CIP performance & can be cleaned efficiently using typical in-vessel equipment, purging directly to drain.

Salient Features

• PLC Panel.

• Load Cell for auto weighing.

• Magnetic Stirrer. ( Roplan/Mariotti & Pecini Make )

Capacities Available

• 100 ltrs. to 1000 ltrs.